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ON HIS PERSON (and in his pockets)

  boots - his  
  cap - baseball style  
  cash - his ($25-$30/day/person)  
  cash - reserve - his (***quarters & $1s in small coin pouch)  
  cellular phone - his  
  credit card - his  
  doo-rag - his - (helmet liner)  
  drivers license - his  
  emergency phone lists (work, friends, bike shops)  
  face protector or wrap - his  
  keys - his (house, cars, etc)  
  leather vest - his  
  phone card - his  
  pocket knife  
  sidestand plate  
  wallet - his  
  watch - his  
  weapon (optional)  


  extra large trash bags - 2  
  leather chaps - his  
  leather gauntlet gloves (for rain or cold)  
  leather jacket - his  
  leather overpants & suspenders - his  
  pillows - inflatable - 2  
  rain suit bottom - his - Frogg Toggs  
  rain suit top - his - Frogg Toggs  


  bungee cargo nets - 2  
  bungee cord - 30"  
  camp hammer (claw hammer attached to frame with Velcro straps)  
  Emgo 15" tire lever (clamped to engine guard w/ 4 hose clamps)  
  gloves - his (leather)  
  GPS unit w/ RAM mount  
  helmet w/full face shield  
  hose clamps - 4 - clamped to engine guard  
  locking chain - his  
  pike pass  
  RAM handlebar mount - (for GPS, camera, cellphone, etc.)  
  snuff can holder w/spare Copenhagen  
  water bottle - frozen and in terry cloth wrap  


  basic motorcycle tool kit - his  
  cigarette lighter (propane)  
  first aid kit (w/Tylenol, Pepto, Aspirin, ear plugs, eye glass repair kit, etc)  
  fuses (extra) [ 3-10A, 2-30A ]  
  insurance certificate (vehicle)  
  keys to other bike (copies)  
  nylon cord (parachute cord)  
  operator's manual - his bike  
  paper towels (2, folded to size of document zip-lock bag)  
  vehicle registration  
  wire ties - long (6)  


2 bandage - adhesive bandage - butterfly  
1 bandage - adhesive bandage - fingertip  
6 bandage - adhesive bandage - regular  
5 bandage - adhesive bandage - small  
4 bandage - gauze pad - 3x3  
1 bandage - liquid band-aids  
1 cleaner - antiseptic swab - zee  
3 cleaner - antiseptic towelette - pdi  
2 cleaner - iodine prep pad - pdi  
1 equipment - roll adhesive tape  
6 equipment - ear plugs  
1 equipment - eyeglass repair kit  
1 equipment - instant guide to first aid  
1 equipment - moleskin - 2x3  
1 equipment - needle - large  
1 medication - antacid - trail  
1 medication - congestaid (nasal decongestant)  
1 medication - dilotab (hayfever, sinus, & cold relief)  
1 medication - ibutab (ibuprofen) - zee  
1 medication - lip ointment - (.017 oz) blistex  
2 medication - painaid  
3 medication - peptobysmol tablet  
1 medication - tylenol extra strength caplets  

HIS - SISSY BAR BAG 7 1/2"w. X 10"h. X 3 1/2"d. SBB481

  aluminum foil (6 square 12" X 12" sheets)  
  bags, spare (plastic large garbage - 1)  
  bags, spare (plastic small trash - 1)  
  bags, spare (ziplock large - 2)  
  bags, spare (ziplock small - 2)  
  batteries, spare (for flashlight, radio, scanner, intercom) [AA - 4, 9v - 2]  
  cargo net (spare) - 15 X 15  
  flashlight, mini maglite - his #1 of 2  
  insect repellant (wipes)  
  knife (Swiss Army) - his  
  matches (waterproof/windproof)  
  Nomex hood - his  
  panty hose - 1 pair - 4X (hey man, if you're cold, they help hold body heat)  
  radio, AM/FM w/ Batteries & ear phone  
  radio, FRS (BellSouth Model 1050) w/ earphone & mic  
  rain parka (cheap poncho to cover gear if needed)  
  rubber gloves - surgical (3 pr)  
  shoe laces - 72" leather (1pair)  
  shower cap (Sissy Bar Bag rain cover)  
  sunblock SPF-30  
  sunblock SPF-4  
  toilet paper in sealed plastic bag or dispenser  
  towel, terrycloth - hand towel - 2 of 2  


  Cooler - folding 6-pk  
  Camp bag (when camping)  

HIS - TOOL BAG ON FORKS 12"w. X 5"h. X 2 1/2"d. TP232

  bolts - assortment of 1/4" bolts, washers, lockwashers, nuts)  
  duct tape (flatten the spool)  
  electrical tape - 1 roll  
  emergency blanket - 1 (Space Blanket)  
  fuses - spare - mini assortment (1 box)  
  siphon hose - plastic - 1/4" X 6'  
  spark plugs (4) [ NGK DP7EA-9 ]  
  Teflon tape - 1 spool  
  test light - 12VDC 1 (his)  
  tire plug kit - his  
  tool - pliers - 6 1/2" ChannelLock  
  tool - pliers - 6" needle nose  
  tool - screwdrivers - 30-piece special - Sears #41862; Phillips #3, #2; Flat 3/16  
  tool - socket set - 12-piece - 1/4" metric - Sears #34746; 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14; 7-10mm DW  
  tool - socket set - 1/4" Ratchet, 1/4-3/8 Adapter, Universal, 3" Extension, 18mm Plug Socket  
  tool - vise grips - 5" curved jaw with wire cutter Sears #45624  
  tool - wrench - adjustable 10" Sears #44604  
  tool - wrench - adjustable 4" Sears #44601  
  tool - wrenches - hex key - folding - 8 metric - Sears #46287  
  tool - wrenches - multi-wrench 9-22mm  
  tool - wrenches - Stanley Shorties (10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, & 18mm)  
  wire & alligator clips  
  wire splices & connectors (insulated)  


HIS - SADDLE BAGS - 10 1/2"w. X 11 1/2"h. X 4"d. - SB230

R CD-ROMs with all necessary work & bike files  
R&L cloth rags (old socks w/toe & top cut off, then split down the heel) - 4  
L clothes - jeans - 1 pair (folded & in ziplock bag)  
R clothes - scarf - 1 (folded & in ziplock bag)  
R clothes - shoes - boot rain covers  
L clothes - shoes - pool shoes - 1 pair  
R clothes - shorts - athletic - 1 pair (folded & in ziplock bag)  
L clothes - shorts - underwear - 1 (folded & in ziplock bag)  
L clothes - socks (cotton) - 1 pair (folded & in ziplock bag)  
R clothes - swimming suit - 1 (folded & in ziplock bag)  
R clothes - T-shirt - long-sleeved - 1 (folded & in ziplock bag)  
L clothes - T-shirt - sleeveless - 1 (folded & in ziplock bag)  
L glasses - spare prescription  
R&L liners - saddlebag - waterproof - his - 2  
R multimeter w/leads (uses 1 AA battery)  
L plastic sheeting - his (heavy duty, 10' X 8' piece)  
R repair manual - VN750 - his  
R stuff sack - waterproof - his - 18" long - 1 (**empty for overflow items)  
L tarp grips - 4  
L tent pegs - 8 wire-type  
L tire inflator - (spark plug) Engine-Air Tire Pump  
L towel - handtowel - 1 (folded & in ziplock bag)  
R water bottle - his - small - room temp - 1  



  animals have food & water?  
  computer - laptop or PDA (and associated cords)  
  notify family & friends of trip plans?  
  notify police house watch program?  
  program coordinates in GPS for travel area?  


HIS - TANK BAG - 13"L X 5"W X 9"D Nelson Rigg MG950 Magnetic

  bag - Crown Royal - spare for night pocket bag  
  batteries - spare [ 4-AAA - 4-AA ]  
  book - Biker's Bible  
  business cards (motorcycle)  
  camera & disks (digital) - his  
  camera battery charger - his  
  camera handlebar mount (RAM)  
  doo-rag - extra (thick for helmet liner)  
  flashlight, mini maglite - his #2  
  gum - small pack Juicy Fruit (for Her when she runs out in her bag)  
  insect repellant - 4oz pump  
  maps (varies from ride to ride)  
  measuring tape - small 6.5 ft  
  pen & small note paper  
  pin lock backs - bag  
  radio - GMRS - 2-way - (Uniden GMR325-2) - 1  
  radio - Windup (batteries optional)- Grundig AM/FM/Shortwave with light  
  rain cover for tank bag  
  rubberbands - assortment  
  scanner, portable, w/NOAA weather radio frequencies  
  tool - 4" adjustable (Allen brand)  
  zip ties - 6  




Camping - bed - inflatable pillows - 2 (rolled up with blankets)

  Camping - bedrolls - 2 (custom laminated 3-layer blankets) 9.00
  Camping - Dining Fly & Clothesline Cord (in bag) 13.00


PICKUP & TRAILER (left at home, hooked up ready to go)


bungee cords - extra - in truck toolbox

  cooler - large w/portability wheels & handle  
  face shields - 2 spare  
  fuel in pickup (over 1/2 full)?  
  helmets - spare for guests  
  key - truck key stashed (for emergency use by others to come and haul us in)  
  lock and locking cable for trailer - in truck toolbox  
  ramps (for loading a bike in the pickup)  
  tie-downs (16) - in truck toolbox  
  tire - spare for trailer  


OVERNIGHT - CAMP-BAG (Tour Master XL Sissybar Bag)

  Camping - clothing - 2nd pair spare socks - 1 pair for each person  
  Camping - clothing - insulated underwear - 1 pair for each person  
  Camping - fire - fire ribbon (Mautz)  
  Camping - fire - fireplace grill (small)  
  Camping - fire - matches (waterproof) in mini ziplock bag  
  Camping - fire - matches in mini ziplock bag - 3 bags  
  Camping - fire - Sterno 7oz - 2  
  Camping - food - can opener  
  Camping - food - coffee - instant (single serving packs) 6  
  Camping - food - hot chocolate - instant (single serving packs) 6  
  Camping - food - soup - canned (2)  
  Camping - food - utensils - plastic forks, knives, spoons for two  
  Camping - misc - business cards in small ziplock bag  
  Camping - misc - chemical warm packs - 6 (minimum)  
  Camping - misc - clothesline cord (to dry bedrolls & clothes when needed)  
  Camping - misc - laundry detergent - powdered (in small box) - 2  
  Camping - misc - leather shoe laces (2)  
  Camping - misc - mosquito wipes - 3-pk  
  Camping - misc - pre-soaped bath cloths (1 for each day)  
  Camping - misc - sm block & tackle  
  Camping - misc - toilet paper - 1/2 roll in ziplock bag  
  Camping - tent - 8'X8' dome tent (poles on her luggage rack)  
  Camping - tent - duckbill anchors (2) and driver  
  Camping - tent - ground cloth - 10' X 10' heavy plastic sheeting - 2  
  Camping - tent - tent pegs - 6 wire-type  
  Camping - tent - tent pegs - nails (tent stakes in hard ground or asphalt)  
  Camping - tool - Leatherman Tool  
  Camping - tool - shovel - small trowel w/sheath  


OVERNIGHT - BARREL-BAG (Tour Master XL Barrel Bag)

  Camping - fire - Dryer lint for fire starter  
  Camping - food - aluminum foil - 1 roll, rolled up in aluminum foil  
  Camping - food - booze (couple of half pints for medicinal purposes)  
  Camping - food - cup (metal) 2  
  Camping - food - paper towels - 1/2 box (folded-type) in ziplock bag  
  Camping - misc - bungee cords (assorted)  
  Camping - misc - camp light (battery powered)  
  Camping - misc - 110 volt extension cord - 15ft  
  Camping - misc - more toilet paper - 1/2 roll in ziplock bag  
  Camping - misc - wash cloths (1 for each day)  
  Camping - misc - ziplock Bags - Gallon-size (empty)  
  Camping - stove - fuel - Peak1 3100 3.5 oz Propane Mix (3)  
  Camping - stove - Primus PBS 2243 Yellowstone Classic Trail Propane  
  Camping - tent - rope for rain fly - parachute cord - 50 ft  
  Mechanical - Battery Tender  



  Camping - charcoal briquettes - small bag  
  Camping - firewood (when available)  
  Camping - food - booze & ice - as needed  
  Camping - food - meals & drink (when available)  
  Camping - newspaper (daily or weekly local paper near camp site)  


ON HER PERSON (and in her pockets)

  boots - hers  
  cash - hers ($25-$30/day/person)  
  cash - reserve - hers (***quarters & $1s in small coin pouch)  
  cellular phone/alarm clock - hers  
  chap stick/lip balm  
  credit card - hers  
  drivers license - hers  
  face protector or wrap - hers  
  gloves - hers (leather)  
  keys - hers (house, cars, etc)  
  leather vest - hers  
  phone card - hers  
  small clutch purse - hers  
  weapon (optional)  



  leather chaps - hers  
  leather overpants & suspenders - hers  
  leather jacket - hers  
  rubber overshoes  



  12v phone charger  
  camera & film - hers  
  candy - hard (life savers)  
  feminine supplies  
  flashlight, mini maglite - her #2  
  Kleenex packs - 2  
  Leatherman Tool  
  map - Oklahoma  
  playing cards (1 deck)  
  radio - GMRS - 2-way - (Uniden GMR325-2) - 1  
  rags - 2  
  rain cover for tank bag  
  rubberbands - assortment  
  spare glasses in case - prescription  
  tooth picks  
  zip ties - 6  



  basic motorcycle tool kit - hers  
  cigarette lighter - hers (propane)  
  first aid kit - hers (w/Tylenol, Pepto, Aspirin, ear plugs, eye glass repair kit)  
  fuses (extra) [ 30A - 3, 10A - 2 ]  
  insurance certificate  
  keys to other bike  
  nylon cord (parachute cord)  
  paper towels (2, folded to size of document baggie)  
  vehicle registration  
  wire ties (6)  



2 bandage - adhesive bandage - butterfly  
1 bandage - adhesive bandage - fingertip  
6 bandage - adhesive bandage - regular  
5 bandage - adhesive bandage - small  
4 bandage - gauze pad - 3x3  
1 bandage - liquid band-aids  
1 cleaner - antiseptic swab - zee  
3 cleaner - antiseptic towelette - pdi  
2 cleaner - iodine prep pad - pdi  
1 equipment - roll adhesive tape  
6 equipment - ear plugs  
1 equipment - eyeglass repair kit  
1 equipment - instant guide to first aid  
1 equipment - moleskin - 2x3  
1 equipment - needle - large  
1 medication - antacid - trail  
1 medication - congestaid (nasal decongestant)  
1 medication - dilotab (hayfever, sinus, & cold relief)  
1 medication - ibutab (ibuprofen) - zee  
1 medication - lip ointment - (.017 oz) blistex  
2 medication - painaid  
3 medication - peptobysmol tablet  
1 medication - tylenol extra strength caplets  


HER - SISSY BAR BAG 8"w. X 10"h. X 4 1/2"d. SBB491

  aluminum foil (6 square 12" X 12" sheets)  
  AM/FM radio w/earphones  
  bags, spare (plastic large garbage - 1)  
  bags, spare (plastic small trash - 1)  
  bags, spare (ziplock large - 2)  
  bags, spare (ziplock small - 2)  
  batteries, spare (for flashlight, radio, scanner, intercom) [AA - 4, 9v - 2]  
  cargo net, spare  
  flashlight, mini maglite - hers #1  
  matches (waterproof/windproof)  
  mosquito wipes  
  Nomex hood - hers  
  panty hose - 1 pair  
  rain parka (cheap poncho)  
  rubber gloves (surgical)  
  sewing kit (including replacement leather snaps)  
  shoe laces (leather - pair)  
  shower cap (Sissybar bag rain cover)  
  sunblock SPF-30  
  toilet paper in sealed plastic bag  
  towel, terrycloth - hand towel  
  webbing and buckle - spare  
  wire ties - 6  
  zipper repair kit (assortment of pull sizes and a piece of small chain)  



  doo-rags - new - custom made - for sale (in zip-lock bags)  


HER - TOOL BAG ON FORKS 12"w. X 5"h. X 2 1/2"d. TP100

  bolts - assortment of 1/4" bolts, washers, lockwashers, nuts)  
  chain master link kit [ 50 VX (530) ]  
  duct tape (flatten the spool)  
  electrical tape - 1 roll  
  emergency blanket - 1 (Space Blanket)  
  siphon hose - plastic - 1/4" X 6'  
  spark plugs (2) [ NGK DP8EA-9 ]  
  tire inflator - CO2 & 5 spare CO2 Cartridges  
  tire plug kit - hers  
  tool - pliers - 7" arc joint Sears #45385  
  tool - pliers - needle nose GM #21136  
  tool - screwdrivers - 18-piece special - Sears #41862; Phillips #2, #1; Flat 3/16  
  tool - socket set - 12-piece - 1/4" metric - Sears #34746; 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13; 7-10mm DW  
  tool - vise grips - 5" curved jaw with wire cutter  
  tool - wrench - adjustable 4"  
  tool - wrench - adjustable 8"  
  tool - wrenches - hex key - folding set - 8 met - Sears #46702  
  tool - wrenches - Sears Roto Wrench - 8 sizes (8-19mm)  
  wire & alligator clips  



  bungee cord - (2)  
  chair - hers - folding (bagged) - 1  
  chair - his - folding (bagged) - 1  



  rain suit - bottom - hers - Frogg Toggs  
  rain suit - top - hers - Frogg Toggs  



  forward phone calls to her cellphone  
  set home thermostat  
  stop mail delivery  
  toiletry - Fanny Pack  
  umbrella - (bagged) - 1  


HER - SADDLE BAGS 13 1/2"w. X 12 1/2"h. X 5"d. SB330

L *additional feminine supplies - bagged in ziplocks  
L booze - Crown Royal  
L cellular phone charger - 110VAC - hers  
L chain lube - small can  
L&R cloth rags (old socks w/toe & top cut off, then split) - 4  
L clothes - doo-rags - hers - personal use  
R clothes - jeans - 1 pair (folded & in ziplock bag)  
R clothes - shirt, long sleeve - 1 (folded & in ziplock bag)  
R clothes - shoes - pool shoes - 1 pair  
R clothes - shorts, athletic - 1 pair (folded & in ziplock bag)  
R clothes - sleeping gown  
R clothes - socks (cotton) - 2 pair (folded & in ziplock bag)  
L clothes - stocking cap  
R clothes - swimming suit - 1 (folded & in ziplock bag)  
R clothes - t-shirt - 1 (folded & in ziplock bag)  
L clothes - turtleneck dickey  
R clothes - underwear - bra - 1 (folded & in ziplock bag)  
R clothes - underwear - panties - 2 (folded & in ziplock bag)  
L emergency sign materials [ hard paper & marker ]  
L extension cord - 15ft  
L food - hot chocolate mix (4)  
L gauntlet gloves  
L hairdryer - 110v small  
L jumper cables (motorcycle-size)  
L manual - operator's - VZ800  
L manual - repair - VZ800  
L plastic sheeting (heavy duty, 10' X 8' piece)  
L scarf  
L stuff sack - waterproof - 18" long - 1 (**empty for overflow items)  
L sunscreen - 15 SPF  
R towel, terrycloth - hand towel (her 2nd one) (folded & in ziplock bag)  
L visor - headgear w/adjustable band  
L water bottle - small - room temp - 1  



  aspirin (in windshield bag)  
  bungee cargo nets - 2  
  disc lock (in windshield bag)  
  feminine supplies (for an emergency) (in windshield bag)  
  helmet w/full face shield  
  locking cable - hers  
  pike pass  
  RAM camera mount  
  RAM handlebar mount - (for GPS, camera, cellphone, etc.)  
  sidestand plate (in windshield bag)  
  water bottle - frozen and in terry cloth wrap  



  Camping - cots - Go-Kot - 2  
  Camping - tent poles in bag  



  toiletry - cologne/perfume - Brute Splash-on Lotion - .75oz  
  toiletry - cologne/perfume - Primo Body Spray - .5oz  
  toiletry - dental floss - Oral-B Satin Floss - 5.5yd  
  toiletry - deodorant - Arid XX - 2.5oz (1) (shared)  
  toiletry - disposable razors (2 - numbered "1" & "2")  
  toiletry - hair brush - folding (1) (shared)  
  toiletry - hair tonic - Vitalis Hair Tonic - 1.5oz  
  toiletry - lotion - Neutragena Hand Cream - .5oz container  
  toiletry - lotion - Olay Complete - .5oz container  
  toiletry - moleskin - Dr. Scholl's Moleskin Plus (3 strips 4-5/8x3-3/8)  
  toiletry - mouthwash - Listermint - 1oz bottle  
  toiletry - ointment - Equate Hydrocortisone Cream - 1oz tube  
  toiletry - ointment - Preparation H Ointment - partial tube  
  toiletry - prescription medicines - hers  
  toiletry - prescription medicines - his  
  toiletry - pre-soaped bathing towels - 4  
  toiletry - Q-Tips (12 in ziplock bag)  
  toiletry - shampoo - Head & Shoulders - 2oz bottle (1) (shared)  
  toiletry - shaving cream - Gillette Foamy Regular - 2oz can (1)  
  toiletry - single-dose medications - BioFreeze Pain Relieving Gel (2)  
  toiletry - single-dose medications - CongestAid (2)  
  toiletry - single-dose medications - Dilotab (2)  
  toiletry - single-dose medications - Histenol-Forte (2)  
  toiletry - single-dose medications - Painaid BRF (2)  
  toiletry - single-dose medications - Pepto-Bismol tablets (6)  
  toiletry - single-dose medications - Refresh Plus Lubricant Eye Drops (3)  
  toiletry - single-dose medications - Sting-Kill Insect Bite Swabs (5)  
  toiletry - single-dose medications - Tylenol Extra Strength Caplets (2)  
  toiletry - stain treater - Shout Wipes (2)  
  toiletry - tissues - Kleenex Pocket Pack (1)  
  toiletry - tooth brush (2 - one for him, one for her)  
  toiletry - tooth paste - Colgate - .85oz tube (1)  
  toiletry - tooth stuff - Polident Denture Tablets (1 tablet/day)  
  toiletry - towelettes - Wash'nDri (6)  



  * as required  
  ** (available for items obtained while on the road, then lashed to bike w/ bungee cords or cargo net)  
  *** (for toll booths, pay phone, car wash, vending machines, vibrating beds, etc)  


List updated:   01/03/2006


The Story Behind the List

Ok, Ok, it really DOES look like a whole lot more crap than would be needed to go on a motorcycle run.  And several items are duplicated on both bikes (tools, for example), to provide twice as many available normally, and to have the necessary items on each bike when it's running alone without the other one along.  But keep in mind, all of this stuff packs up pretty small, and it just LOOKS like a lot of stuff when it's all itemized in a list like this.  Believe me, it doesn't take up as much room as you might think, and since we almost always run without a support vehicle, there's nobody else going to bring it for us.  We've got to haul it ourselves.  There's a photo of it all on our bikes HERE.

In most cases, especially with general medications and food, we buy it on the road when we need it, instead of using the small amount that we carry.  Those items are just for "backup" if and when we need them in the middle of the night or in the middle of nowhere.  We almost always run a cold camp, preferring to ride someplace for food.  In our opinion, that's what motorcycles are for.  Not that we don't enjoy camp cooking.  We've done it a lot in the past, but now prefer to let someone else do the clean up.

The way that we use the list, is that it is printed out and we go through it all, item by item, opening everything up that is not individually sealed, at the first of the riding season, to make sure we haven't forgotten to replenish something that we used last season.  It's amazing what gets left behind if you don't review your list closely.   It's also a good time to check the condition of everything.  Things wear out or get damaged, and with some things, you just want to put in a new fresh one.  This is the time to get things cleaned-up, repaired, and re-packed.  Sometimes, things are removed completely if it is determined that they no longer are needed, or have been replaced by something else.  Our printed pages of the list are divided into "his" and "hers" items that allow for two sets of 4 pages, so we can each take our 4 pages and go about checking our own gear.  We review the camping items page together.  Then, when we're done, we fold all of the sheets up and take them along with us to have a list of what we have on board, and where it is located.  A stranger could find an item on my bike quickly using my list.   During the riding season, upon returning home from a run, we've gotten into the habit of getting everything back on the bike just as soon as the laundry is done.  We do it while things that we've used are still fresh in our minds.  It keeps everything stocked up, and you don't have to worry about it not being there when you need it.  We use the list to tell us where the replacement items need to be placed.  That way, everything is already packed and ready to go when friends call you the night before a run and ask if you want to go.  Most of our stuff is already on the bikes.  The only thing we have to do is throw the camp bags on if it's going to be an overnighter.  Of course, we've found that all of these things don't interfere much in a motel room either.

People that ride with us have sure been glad that we carry all of this stuff.  There's been numerous times when we've been asked "Hey, do you still carry your such-n-such on your bike?", and we share with them when we can.  Sunblocker and tools seem to be the most popular items, and we have a lot of people that "save our chairs for us" when we get up out of them for a few minutes at an all-day event where there's no other seating.  Even strangers have been glad that we carry our equipment.  Just ask that guy with the old Harley standing there in the parking lot with his shift lever in his hand down in Austin!  Who would have thought that the Harley shop would put on a new shift lever on his bike that had a metric pinch bolt in it?  It was a surprise to him.  And then, there were those three young guys with the brand new Harleys in Sundance Wyoming that had to borrow my hammer to get their tent pegs in the ground.  I guess they spent all of there money on their bikes.  There's been both male and female bikers that were glad that we shared our sunblocker with them when they had forgotten theirs, and were beginning to look like lobsters.   Yeah, we catch a little flack about packing all of our junk, but that's ok, I'd rather be with it than without it.  Once, I had a guy ask me "Why in the hell do you carry all of that crap?", ....while he was using one of my tools to get his bike going.

Keep in mind that there are two of us on two metric bikes, and the items that we pack are for one male and one female. We prefer the "soft bag" style of storage on our cruisers, which somewhat limits our carrying capacity. We usually end up with room to spare in our bags, and we both have luggage racks on our bikes. Review our list and design your own around what you have, where you're going, and what you'll be doing. Remember to pack the correct items for your bike (metric or standard or both).  Check back from time to time. This list will change as time goes by and we find new things that better suit our needs while on the road.  It's all about enjoying life on the road, on a motorcycle.

Some additional notes about our riding and camping style to further explain the equipment usage:

We carry everything listed on the equipment list (except the items marked "Camping"), on the bikes all of the time.  We have a change of clothes, along with everything else listed in the bags, with us everywhere we go, even if we're just going across town.  And the folding chairs have come in very handy on those day rides when you're tired of walking or standing.  We don't go anywhere without them.
When we're out on a run, we shower daily when possible, but we only carry one change of clothes, whether we're planning on spending a weekend or two weeks on the road.  We do laundry as needed, or at least every three days.  If laundry facilities are not available at the campsite when we need it, we stop at the next Laundromat along the way.  You can meet the nicest folks at a Laundromat, and get an accurate feel about a community too.  Kind of like riding the train that goes past the backyards of a town, instead of going along the main drag.  You get to see how people really live.  If we buy new clothes on the road and get too many to carry, we package up our dirty/damaged clothes and ship them to ourselves using USPS Priority Mail.  The Post Office furnishes the box.  That also goes for any "treasures" that we find and buy along the way.  When we get home, all of our stuff is waiting for us at the Post Office.  All we have to do, is ask them to resume mail delivery to us.  They usually can't wait.
We like to run about 350-400 miles per day, and pitch camp early.  It's the best way to get a good camp site and make the best use of any pool or hot tub that might be available.  We have run some 600 mile days, but only when we needed to.  We break camp as early in the morning as possible, around sunrise (gets even with all of those motorhomes that rolled in during the night), and ride for an hour or two before we stop for breakfast.  It doesn't take long at all for us to break our cold camp in the mornings.  Sunrise is a good time to get all of those "road smells" that we're out there for (and some that we're not), and it just seems like a good time to be rolling down a highway on a bike.
We usually only have two meals a day, a late breakfast and an early supper, while we're on the road.  If we're at a rally, we eat more often, by ordering only one serving and splitting it, then finding another Vendor and doing the same thing again.  We get to sample more variety that way.  Sometimes, when there's plenty of Vendors, we just "graze" all day long.  Gotta support those Vendors!   It wouldn't be much of a rally without them.
We normally pitch the tent (carried in the large compartment of the camp bag) upon arrival at the campsite, and leave the barrel bag that attaches to the top of it in the tent.  Then, I use the space in the camp bag to go carry back refreshments and a bag of ice, if we have to go any distance for it.  The main compartment is plastic-lined, so no problem when the ice begins to melt on the way back.  If I'm picking up hot food, it gets attached on top, away from the cold stuff.  If it's a one night camp, the refreshments and ice go into the little fold-up cooler when I get back to camp.  Any left over ice gets dumped out the next morning,  along with perfectly good refreshments if I don't have room for them.  I try not to have any extras left over the next morning.  If we're at a rally for a few days, I empty out my Baja bag and fill it full of refreshments and ice.   I try to avoid glass containers, since most rallies and campgrounds urge you to do so, and some down-right demand that you not bring glass containers on the premises.   The Baja bag is waterproof, so it holds the water in, as well as it holds it out.   At the end of the rally, dump out the bag, wipe it out with a rag, load it's normal contents back in, and hit the road.  The Baja bag doubles as a large cooler.
By using the large compartment in the camp bag for the tent, it actually becomes a "stuff sack" for the tent.  Since the tent is usually wet, at the very least on the bottom of the floor, it will usually have all kinds of trash, leaves, pine needles, and crap stuck to it.  We don't spend any time drying or cleaning it off before we stuff it in the camp bag.  We just stuff it all inside there, gunk and all.   The tent will dry out better at the next camp, especially if you're leaving a wet camp where everything around got rained on.  Some people spend half a day trying to dry things out at a wet camp area before they pack, when they could be riding to somewhere else where it hasn't rained and things will dry fairly quickly.  I say "ride it dry", or get to somewhere where you can lay it out and it can dry!  If too much gunk gets in the camp bag along the way, we wipe it out with a rag.  Both the tent and the camp bag get a thorough drying out when we get home, and the camp bag gets de-gunked.
We always put our ground cloth inside of the tent.  I know this goes against most teachings, but it's simply more practical inside of the tent.  Our ground cloth is about 2 feet larger in size than the floor of our tent, so we use the extra foot on each side to go up the tent walls to make a barrier between our gear and the inside of the tent walls.  Nearly everyone knows that tent fabric "wicks" water into and onto anything touching the inside of the tent.  I can't remember a time when I was ever successful in keeping everything from touching the insides of the tent, including me, for the whole night.  Especially with a small dome tent like we use.  So, by having the plastic sheeting touching the inside of the tent walls, any wicking of water that occurs from that contact goes under the ground cloth, between the ground cloth and the waterproof floor of the tent.  Our gear, and us, usually stay fairly dry.  And, when we know it's going to storm big time, we use a second ground cloth over the top of us and all of our equipment, tucked down between the sides of the tent and the lower ground cloth, to shed the water that blows in or leaks into the tent from the top.  Our equipment and us are in sort of a "cocoon" made out of plastic sheeting.  We usually can't get everything tucked in perfectly for the top ground cloth, so we still get plenty of air.  The next morning, carefully remove yourself and all of your gear from the tent, remove the tent stakes, and turn the tent on its side to dump the water out of the tent.  It works.  Try it.
When we're pitching a new camp every night, we only set the dining fly up if bad weather is forecast. (We listen to our weather radio to decide.)
We've never had two wet camps in a row while on the road since 2002 (although it's happened when we've been at a camp for more than one night), maybe because we're just lucky, but maybe because we don't plan a definite route for the day, until that morning.  We tend to ride towards dry weather when possible, especially when leaving a wet camp.  And, getting a motel the night after a wet camp is always an option, although we've not had to do so yet.
When we do get a motel for the night, we unload all of the bags and equipment off of the bikes, and carry it into our room.  That's one reason we camp as much as we do, and avoid getting a motel.  However, motels are good in thunderstorms and tornadoes.  Still, the way we're set up, it's a hassle to unload everything and carry it to the room (usually on the second floor, inside)for just one night.  To make things handier, our saddlebags are slung over the rear seats instead of under the pillions, so they simply lift off easily and we don't have to unload them.  We just take the entire set of saddlebags into the room.  The weight of things packed on top of the connecting flap of the bags, plus balancing the weight in each bag, keeps them from shifting while on the bike.  The bags are always nearly full, so we seldom put much else in them to upset the balance.  We use our Baja bags to put new things in that we acquire on the road.  We'd much rather have everything still on our bikes, setting right outside of the tent if we need it, than to unload it all into a motel room for the night.  For bike security at a motel, we simply lock both bikes together with a cable.  Any thief with a half-assed pair of bolt cutters could cut the cable easily, but these are small, cheap rice-burners, and I would think that any self-respecting thief would go for a better prize (like a $15-30K machine) if he's going to take the trouble to steal something.  Just my opinion.   The cable, more importantly, probably helps keep the joy-riders and drunks from screwing with the bikes while we're asleep.  We've never had a problem.
We intentionally set our camp up in the dark at one rally, just to see how it would go.  It went fine, thanks to knowing where everything was on the bikes, and making sure it was there before we had to find it by "feel".  We've recently changed tents, so we'll have to do it again sometime soon.
We don't carry any extra motor oil.  We have two bikes, so we figure we can ride somewhere to get some, if we ever need any in the middle of nowhere.  We have the same kind of oil in both bikes, and it's a common weight and type widely available.  We won't worry too much about the brand, if we ever need some while out on the road.  We never have, so the first time will be an extra ordinary situation.
We have camped ever since we were both kids, and understand that too wet, too dry, too hot, too cold, and a little dirty comes along with camping, so we just take it in stride.  Other folks may not enjoy themselves in "primitive conditions" as much as we do.
The little hair dryer on the list is not for grooming, but for a source of heat if we're lucky enough to be near electricity at a cold camp.  We crawled out of our tent to a temperature of 26 degrees in Red River NM one year, although we didn't have any electricity at that camp.  We did have a bon fire though, so everything was cool (pun intended).  Shortly after that, we started carrying the hair dryer and extension cord.  Thinking back a couple of years before Red River, it was nearly as cold at a campground in Ruidoso NM, and we could have used a little heat in the tent.   There was electricity right outside of our tent at that one.  We had our propane stove with us, but we wouldn't be able to sleep in a tent with an open fire anyway, so we didn't use it.  We got the idea for the hair dryer from using the blow dryers in the bathrooms at that campground to take the chill off during the night when we woke up cold.  We haven't actually used the hair dryer yet, but we're thinking it might come in handy somewhere down the road.  If not, someone's going to get a nice traveling hair dryer for Christmas sometime.
The tire iron in the list is not only for tire repairs (hopefully, with tubeless tires, I won't ever need it), but to use as a lever or "splint" if we ever need something along those lines.  I got the idea from a guy on an old rigid chopper that broke his frame hitting a pothole in the road out in the middle of nowhere.   He used a piece of pipe or something that he found to splint the frame together so he could limp in.  I attached the tire iron to my engine guard with 4 hose clamps.   I want to make sure it doesn't fall off, plus, the clamps may help firm up a splint if I'm a little short on wire and duct tape.
The total weight of equipment that I carry on the bike full-time, is around 67 pounds.  She carries about 80 pounds full-time hers, because her saddlebags are larger and she has some of the items that we only carry one of (battery cables, hair dryer, extension cord, etc), and she carries both folding chairs.  When we get packed up with the camp gear, the weight on my bike increases to about 130 pounds, and hers to just over 100 pounds.  By carrying 80 pounds full-time, the additional 20 pounds doesn't effect the handling of her bike much.  I can feel the difference on mine when I add nearly 50 pounds.  Still, fully loaded, it's like we're both just carrying a small passenger.  We have everything balanced as well as possible in the bags, so the weight is distributed as evenly as possible.  That's why there's an "L" and "R" on the saddlebag lists.  They stand for left and right (while seated on the bike).  Having the bikes a little heavier than normal doesn't hurt really, when you consider the amount of riding that we do in moderate wind conditions out here in Western Oklahoma. Although, we do notice it sometimes when wrestling them around in crowded parking lots or walking them backwards uphill to get where we need to go.
We like to run the speed limit when possible, but with other traffic around us, we try to run what they're running, whether they're running over or under the speed limit.  We want to be going the same speed as the majority are to minimize the hazard to us.  We prefer roads in the following order: rural turnpikes, interstate highways, major highways, back roads,  and city streets.  We believe we're safest on rural turnpikes and interstates, where the roads are larger, most drivers around us are experienced drivers, and there's limited access on and off of the road where vehicle speeds are vastly different.  Even though the speeds are higher, everybody tends to be going the same direction at the same time.  We also believe that city streets and back roads are our most dangerous.  City streets worst, because everyone is changing speeds, lanes, and directions like they're the ones that paid for those damned streets and the rest of us are just in the way.  Back roads are next to the worst, because everyone that is too afraid, to drunk, or too illegal to drive on the other roads, are on the back roads.  Not to mention all the farm equipment, rubber-neckers, and critters that are out there to watch out for.

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